Welcome to the National Claims and Policies Database (NCPD) for public and products liability and professional indemnity insurance. It is now possible to access aggregate (level 1) and detailed (level 2) reports generated from the NCPD.

The release of the 2015 edition of the NCPD reports is delayed. APRA anticipates that this delay will extend to the end of August 2016. Once a release date is confirmed, APRA will advise of the date on this webpage and notify subscribers.

Level 1 Reports

The level 1 reports provide claims and policy information on a class of business, state and accident or underwriting year basis only. Access to these reports is free of charge. To access the level 1 reports click here.

Level 2 Reports

The level 2 reports provide information on a number of policy and claim measures such as written premium and claims incurred. The information is aggregated and provides information across fields such as state, product, industry/occupation code, limit of indemnity and excess/deductible.

Access to these reports is free of charge however you must first become a subscriber. Those who become NCPD Subscribers are deemed to have read and agreed to the following Conditions of Use displayed here.

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To logon to an existing subscriber account click here. The level 2 reports user guide is here.

Data contribution

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